V-ZUG Integrated Hood Primera 90cm


V-ZUG Integrated Hood Primera 90cm

The Premira built-in solution boasts an elegant glass canopy.

Operating modes

Extracted air
Recirculation air
Wipe protection
Metal grease filter cleaning display
Intensive setting
Automatic shut-off time
Charcoal filter saturation display
FlexLED 27004000 kelvin
_ ComfortFix
Air delivery rate according to EN 61591: Max. setting 455 m3/h

Intensive level 657 m3/h
Acoustic values: Max. setting 53 dB(A) Intensive setting 63 dB(A)
Air vents with integrated non-return flap 150 mm
2 adjustable LED lights, 27004000 kelvin
Convenient handling and fixing of the metal grease filter
Contact option
Remote control as an accessory
Touch buttons
Fan selection above glass canopy
Intensive setting with automatic reset

Appliance dimensions

Front height W x D:
55 x 598/898/1198 x 495 mm
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